Vedic Cultural Society Hindu Temple Vedic Cultural
Hindu Temple

Executive Committee

Chairman : - Dr. Prasad Chalasani

President : - Dr. Rahul Aggarwal

Secretary : - N. Subramanian

Treasurar : - Sudhir Nayer

Board of Trustees

Darshan & Santosh Aggarwal

Rahul & Vitasta Aggarwal

Gaurang & Vandana Bhatt

Prasad & Mydhili Chalasani

Prasad & Renuka Korlipara

Ramesh & Pushpa Kumar

Sudhir & Manjula Nayer

Ramesh & Manjula Nayyar

Devang & Suniti Patel

Rohit & Ranjan Patel

Kamalakar & Kavitha Rao

N. & Nalini Subramanian

Sanjiv & Hema Walia

Chairman's Message

Dear Devotees,

  This is a very joyous moment for the entire Treasure Coast Hindu Community, all of us coming together to celebrate the Vedi Cultural Society's Prana Prathista Celebrations, Many of us have crossed the oceans and made a new home away from home here in the Treasure Coast, yet we desire to keep practicing our religious beliefs and share them with our younger generations. The senior members of our community had a vision to fulfill this desire. After many meetings, the gracious donation of land by Dr. Darshan and Snatosh Aggarwal, the generosity of the board members and most importantly with the support of the community, this vision has evolved into the Vedic Cultural Society and this temple. Today's Prana Prathista symbolizes our dream becoming a reality, and marks the beginning of this Hindu temple as a part of our community for us and for many generations to come.

  It has been a long journey, filled with many hurdles and obstacles that we were able to surpass with the help of our community and of course, with divine blessing. Today, as we finally celebrate this most auspicious milestone - the Prana Prathista of our temple, I would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of all the board members and their spouses, local community members and all the adult and youth volunteers. Our sprcial Pran Prathista Committee, chaired by Dr. Sudhir Nayer, has worked tirelessly to make this a truly memorable religious experiance for all our devotees, so I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all of them as well.

  As we move forward from the Prana Prathista, we have a dedicated priest to perform all the pujas at the temple daily and to help serve the Hindu Community. We have plans for adding a library, putting together youth activities, arranging summer camps and organizing other various community events. We need each and every one of you to actively participate in these auspicous Prana Prathista celebrations, as well as all our future endeavors, as a way of showing your support to the temple. The PRana Prathista is only a beginning; we need to contimue moving forward so that we may preserve our culture and religion in our new home for our society today and for all the generations to come.

  The trustees of the temple are very happy to dedicate this temple to all the devotees. May we always have God's blessings.


Dr. Prasad Chalasani

May 18,2011