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Pandit Ram Datt Upadhyay

  Shre Ram Datt Upadhaya was born in India's holy city of Haridwar. He is a learned scholar of the Hindu religious scriptures, Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. He has a Masters in Indian Philosophy from Gurukul University of Haridwar and a Sanskrit Acharya Degree from Banaras Sanskrit University of India. He has a degree in music from Prayag Snageet Samiti of Allahabad, India.

  He has an impressive resume of his priestly tasks and practices. He has had a distinguished career of heading temples in India and since 1984 in the USA. He has travelled widely in India and in the USA performing poojas at various temples.

  Shre Upadhya is multilingual, speaking Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Nepali and English. He conducts prayers and religious ceremonies of all parts of India with fervor, devotion and congeniality. He can perform all the religious ceremonies associated with the lives of Hindu like Namkaran (Naming ceremony of a child), Annaprashan (First food feeding ceremony of a baby), Engagement and wedding ceremonies and Grihaparvesh (Blessing of a new house).

  He is academically credentialed for singing religious music and playing a variety of musical instruments. In fulfilling his duties he encourages active and enthusiastic participation of all members of all ages of the congregation. He is credited to have performed religious ceremonies all over the USA and other parts of the world celebrating traditional costoms and religious festivals of Inda.

Message from Panditji on Temple's 2nd Anniversary

  I look back at the past 2 years with great pleasure and pride as i see the changes and growth that has taken place in our beloved Mandir.

  When I cam in Dec 2010 the Murtis of the Deities were all lying in boxes waiting to be installed according to the proper Vedic Shastras.

  In the beginning I felt that my duty was only to perform the various pujas and rituals daily. And to invoke the Blessings of the Gods by worshipping the different Gods in the correct Vedic traditions at defined times of the year.

  Since the Pran Prathistha ceremonies in June 2011 when the Murtis were installed in beautiful ceremonies over a period of 3 days the Mandir has become a beautiful, peaceful retreat for everyone to come and worship. Our Deva Murtis are trulybeautiful and whenever one is in premisis of the Temple one can feel God's presence. One feels surrounded by good vibrations once you are in the presence of the Gods.

  In the 2 years, I have seen that the Tmeple has become a tangible location for all individuals of the Hindu faith to seek out and learn from. India is a geographically large country. We have religious traditions that are diverse and it is my pleasure to see our community members from North, South, East and West all come together to pray under one roof.

  We have may deovtee volunteers who make all the special pujas and festivals at the temple worth attending. They are very dedicated to the service of the Gods and in turn to our community.

Jai Shri Ram

Panditji Ram Upadhyay